Consumer Directed Care (CDC)

Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is both a philosophy and an approach to delivering services; it's a government initiative designed to help you get the most out of your Home Care Package. We can help you understand what CDC means for you, and why you need to know about it.

What is Consumer Directed Care?

By definition, Consumer Directed Care (CDC) is a government initiative for all people receiving a Home Care Package. The Home Care Package Guidelines define CDC as ‘a way of delivering services that allows consumers to have greater control over their own lives’.

For you, CDC means a change in the way your Home Care Package is delivered, and the care and services you access through your Home Care Package funding. You don’t have to do anything or change your behaviour as a result of CDC—it has already been applied to the way Home Care Packages are delivered. You now have more control over when and how you receive services, and who provides them.

We can help you understand CDC, your services, and the way Home Care Packages are delivered. If you’re confused or you have specific questions, give us a call on 1300 478 776.

How does Consumer Directed Care work?

Under Consumer Directed Care, you:

  • have a budget allocated for your Home Care Package and you decide how the funds are spent
  • receive a regular statement showing the amount of funds remaining, and how much you have spent on specific services
  • can save any unspent funds for another time
  • remain in control of how much support or advice you would like by working in partnership with us to choose the services you want and need.

You can access more information about Consumer Directed Care at the My Aged Care website.

What does Consumer Directed Care mean for me?

Consumer Directed Care is designed to ensure you have more control over your care and services. As a result of Consumer Directed Care, you:

  • have choice and control around who provides your services and when they are provided
  • have a right to individualised services and support, based on assessed need
  • have respectful and balanced relationships with service providers, reflecting the rights and responsibilities of both parties
  • can access services and care to stay as independent as possible
  • receive budgeting information, including the cost of your services, the contents of your individual budget, and how your Home Care Package is being spent.

How does Southern Cross Care (Vic) implement Consumer Directed Care?

The principles of Consumer Directed Care are embedded in every aspect of our care. These principles form a large part of the way we care for you, and they touch every one of our services. In addition to ensuring we operate in alignment with the CDC initiative from a service perspective, we support the philosophy of Consumer Directed Care by:

  • building on your existing skills and abilities, and suggesting services to improve and enhance your independence
  • getting to know you and providing information that is clear and easy to understand
  • providing services that help you continue to live a good life at home, feel healthier, and get back to doing activities around your home
  • encouraging you to stay connected with family and friends and get out into the community.

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