Pastoral care

At Southern Cross Care (Vic), we support and care for the whole person. This means we are not only concerned with a person’s physical needs; we also care deeply about their emotional and spiritual needs. Pastoral care is intrinsic to all that we do.

What does pastoral care involve?

Pastoral care involves accompanying a person on their spiritual journey. We recognise that people have differing spiritual needs, and that those needs can change at different times of life. For example, a person might need:

  • to attend religious services and feel connected to their faith community
  • to express anger and doubt
  • to be supported in dealing with grief and loss.

Whatever your needs, our qualified and experienced pastoral care workers are available to help you find meaning and purpose in life, and to provide opportunities for you to be nurtured emotionally and spiritually as you age.

Is pastoral care religious?

Pastoral care is about accompanying people on their life journey. It is available to people of all religious backgrounds, cultures and beliefs. This includes people who do not have any religious beliefs or affiliations.

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Dementia support

Southern Cross Care (Vic) is committed to supporting people living with dementia and their families with unparalleled specialist dementia care.

Dementia support

Allied health

We can assist home care clients to access a range of allied health services.

Allied health

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